DriveReport Entry Package

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DriveReport Entry Packages provides fleet management with monthly reports detailing the following feedback about their drivers on road behaviour.

Call Ratio Per Depot:

  • Amount of Calls received Monthly PER Branch / Depot within the Company
  • Number of Calls Per Branch VS number of Vehicles per branch

Calls per Depot:

  • Pie Chart: Amount of Calls received Monthly PER Branch / Depot within the Company

Monthly Incident rating:

  • Risk Scoring of an incident
  • Using the AARTO scoring method (Link)
  • DriveRisk rating: Extra Risk is allocated for 3 Reasons:
  • If an incident happened at Night, In Bad weather conditions OR on Bad Road conditions as any of these ADD RISK and Increase the Severity of an Incident

Calls by Incident Type:

  • Behaviours exhibited in these incidents reported directly to fleet management

Calls by Vehicle:

  • Vehicles reported for a specific time period
  • Registration numbers used to monitor this

Call Register:

  • EXCEL Summary of all Call / Incident information for a specific time period

Monthly Calls:

  • Summary of amount of calls received for the entire company over a specific time period

DriveReport Entry Packages Pricing

Zero-300 Vehicles

  • Per Vehicle

301-750 Vehicles

  • Per Vehicle

751-1000 Vehicles

  • Per Vehicle

1000 Plus Vehicles

  • Per Vehicle
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DriveReport Stickers

assist by ensuring Drivers are aware that they are being Monitored on the roads and that the Public holds them accountable for their Driving Behaviour. 

These stickers give the impression that your company is concerned about Social Awareness as well as General Road Safety on South African Motorways.

Our Call Centre handles all of the calls and refer the relevant reported driver incidents directly to the companies fleet management to further Coach Drivers and ultimately send a Safer Driver back onto the roads. Reducing your fleet’s risk on the road.

Sticker Specifications

Free High Quality Sticker:

Clear laminate over sticker to filter UV and prevent damage from pressure washing and general wear and tear.

7 Year Scotch vinyl – Engineering grade – Coates inks – Reflective

Screen printed – Non-Reflective – Standard Vinyl – Non Laminated


600mm x 140mm


300mm x 150mm